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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a deadly shooting ramage triggers an intense man hunt for a expolice officer who has threatened to bring warfare to the police department. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he's posted a manifesto saying he's ready to die and suggesting he's motivated by revenge for being fired. dorner is suspected of killing a police officer today in river
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side. authorities say he also killed two people in irvine last weekend. amber lee is following developments and has the latest. >> reporter: we had a briefing within the hour at the san bernardino's sheriff department. >> reporter: the trail went cold. tonight authorities say there's still no sign of the 33-year- old former l.a. police officer. i can tell you we did find some tracks around the vehicle but they did not lead to the suspect. >> reporter: the man hunt began last night when investigators first linked dorner to the killing of monica quan and her fiance keith miller. quan is the daughter of a
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lawyer who prosecuted dorner and led to the firing of dorner from the force. one officer was killed and another seriously injured but expected to survive. >> a vehicle pulled up next to them. and the driver of that vehicle fired multiple rounds from a rifle. >> reporter: another police car was riddled. the shootings propertied heavily armed police officers to fan out across southern california looking for dorner. some stood guard outside of police officers and their families named in the manifesto. dorner served in the navy reserved and is said to be a skilled marksman. dorner was discharged just last friday. he is thought to have several weapons including a rifle. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he is also a member of the
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armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary. >> reporter: there are no reports of stolen vehicles this evening in the big bear area. meantime the los angeles police department has pulled its offices from motorcycle duty fearing they may be easy targets. amber lee, ktvu. >> we learned quite a bit about dorn er by reading that manifesto. it's his version of the events that led to his firing. what's in the head of a 33-year- old former police officer and navy lieutenant. what would cause him to go on a killing rampage. christopher dorner answers those questions himself with a manifesto he posted on the internet with the memo, to
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america. that was the date the los angeles police department fired dorner four years after he was sworn in to protect and serve. the offense was falsely accusing a woman officer for kicking a young schizophrenic man they arrested. that young man and his father substanciated. he says, quote, you have awoken a sleeping giant. you will see the truth. unfortunately i will not be alive to see my name clear. this is what it's all about. a name. a man is nothing without his name. >> i was the chief of police who signed off on his discharge. >> reporter: but bratton who says he does not remember dorner says that's no reason to kill. he adds that officers on duet
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are high target. he says no one grows up and wants to be a cop killer. i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, i am terminating yours. one of dorner's target was the daughter of the district attorney that prosecuted dorner. he asked that the brain be studied for the effects of severe depression. rita williams, ktvu news. more details now showing the heightened tension. police in torense opened fire on a pickup truck that apparently looked like dorners pickup truck. one of the women is in stable condition after being shot twice. her daughter was injured by broken glass. law enforcement officers
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all around california are on edge and on alert tonight. the warnings were posted on freeway signs like this this morning for drivers to be on the look out for a nissan pickup truck. this is called a blue alert. the idea is similar to an amber alert. but a blue alert means that an officer has been killed or wounded. we will bring you any new developments as they happen. we took these pictures tonight outside the fox theater in oakland. as you can see people had their umbrellas on and raincoats on. we've seen rain pretty much all day. >> we did get some rain this morning and there's more rain out there right now with more for tomorrow. this is as of 4:00. you will see some of the totals
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they're not that impressive at all. they're light, .1. those were some of the heaviest locations. he's ear where the rain is now. you can see strong dynamics coming in. that's very cold air coming down the coast. it's moving in right now in parts of the south bay and down in the peninsula. heavier rain or light moderate rain in fremont as well. north of fremont near union city. you have showers, you have showers in newark. you are showers in palo alto. a little heavier there. as you get to san jose, you have light showers. in the next five minutes or so you're going to see increased shower activities. maybe a thundershower tonight and maybe a snow flurry on bay area peaks. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. in the same system that brought us rain is bringing fresh snow to the high sierra tonight. this was the scene at the boreal ski resort at boreal summit. the resort got up to 6-inches
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of snow. the storm is expected to continue to bring snow to the sierra overnight. this is a look at interstate 80 at soto springs, as you can see snow is blanketing the area there. for those hitting the road to tahoe, caltrans is requiring chains on both 80 and highway 50. and stay with the 10:00 news bill will be back at 10:20 with another look at storm tracker 2 and tomorrow's forecast. about 150 people marched in the streets of san francisco tonight to protest an alleged act of police brutality. ktvu's p atti lee is live. >> reporter: if not for the rain. protesters might still be here who were guarding the station just a few feet away.
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18-year-old kevin clark is the latest poster child in the campaign against the alleged police brutality. at 24th and mission two weeks ago, this video shows what some say police were using excessive force pushing clark's face into a a storm drain. >> an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us. >> reporter: people whaled against the san francisco police department for failing to punish the officer. while clark faces resisting arrest. a san francisco police spokesman says the two officers acted propertily to apprehend kevin clark who was in the
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process of violating someone on the sidewalk. >> that person needs to be stopped and that needs to be investigated. >> reporter: we asked clark to comment. >> well -- >> kevin, they say you were assaulting someone, is that true? >> i can't -- speak to that. so thank you. >> reporter: that story did not affect the zeal of the protesters who took to the street for almost an hour while officers followed on foot and in cars. but when it started pouring around 7:00 tonight, the crowd started clearing out. a relief to police officers who were ready for a long night. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. an alarm system failed to warn the operator in time. the cable car struck a bolt that was lodged in the track
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yesterday and came to an abrupt stop. one passenger was thrown from the car and several more were hurt along with the break man and grip man. sensors in the track that warn of an obstruction failed to work because the bolt was jammed above the sensor. san jose police say they are still looking for a man who escaped from custody last night in handcuffs. police sent us this picture of anthony sanchez. they say he drove off in a police van while an officer was arresting him for probation violation. they say sanchez managed to maneuver his handcuffs from the back to the front and managed to drive off while officer was inside working on paper work. police found 23,000 rounds of ammo hidden inside the air vents of three cars in a container ship. the cars were headed for
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mongolia. police do not believe the men are part of an organized crime ring and they did not charge hill. however they did confiscate his cars and ammunition worth about $4,500. democratic lawmakers today unveiled new gun control legislation in washington. richmond's police chief played a recording from the city's shot spotter system in today's press conference. among the bills outlined today a ban on detachable rifle magazines. a new regulation that would require all ammunition sales be reported to the state. and additional training for people who buy new handguns. in san francisco, supporters of president obama's gun safety initiatives held a vigil. they took place this afternoon outside the san francisco federal building. the group is calling for
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mandatory. 26 sets of shoes were placed on the sidewalk to honor the victims in newtown at the protest. street racing on bay area roads. at 10:30, how these drivers keep getting away with it and what happened when we took police to one of the hot spots. >> plus your money, the bay area city that wants more of it the plan to get there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology
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new at 10:00, the mayor of san jose tonight delivered his state of the city speech. he's vowing to stay the course but it's a course that some say is actually hurting the city. ktvu's maureen naylor was inside the event tonight and she's live in san jose with the mayor's idea that could cost everyone in the city, maureen. >> reporter: while the mayor made one thing clear tonight that money is still very tight so he's making a plea to supporters to help hike the taxes. he was greeted with a standing ovation. >> come on let's get on with this. >> reporter: and so he did. chuck reed delivered his seventh state of the city address tonight in front of a who's who of silican valley at the civic auditorium. he vowed to open more closed libraries and work to keep employees. in recent years thousands have been let go or they've left for other jobs.
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>> nowhere is this more apparent than our police officer. >> reporter: mayor reed says the city will hire 200 more officers. saying 15 have already been hired and more are in the works. to fund improvements, reed suggested a tax hike. 70% of people would support a quarter cent tax increase. >> possibly go to the voters for a tax increase in 2014 but success cannot be assumed. >> reporter: reed was successful in getting voters to pass measure b last year which reformed pensions. but his battle with the unions is far from over. the afl-cio says that the mayor needs to reach across the aisle much more. >> he has taken the approach not only the city workers but community groups that it's his way or the highway. >> reporter: and the san jose police officers union tonight told us that the mayor may hire more officers but will have a hard time retaining them because of how the pension
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system is set up. maureen naylor, ktvu news. at we've posted more video of mayor reed's address tonight. just look for the video player on the home page. stock markets lost ground the dow closed down 42 points after dropping 134 earlier in the day. nasdaq dropped three. the markets have been lower after big gains in january that sent indexes to record highs. and mountain view's linked insource earned 11.5 million or 10-cents a share. and revenue soared by 81% to $304 million. apple said today it is considered returning cash to investors. the company says it's having active discussions about issuing some sort of proposed stock. the move comes after investors filed a proposed lawsuit over
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attempts to eliminate proposed staff. the cinarts theater is a dome right next to highway 680. tonight civic commissioners sat down with developers who want to replace that theater with a two story dick's sports goods stores. some people going there to watch a movie says they don't like the idea. >> the last thing we need is another sporting good's store. >> this is the only place you can go and park. >> theater supporters have started a facebook page with a petition, which has already been signed by 2,000 people. ktvu's john sasaki talked with a relative who walked him through the house and described the frightening ordeal. >> this is my mom's room and
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she was sleeping when it happened. >> reporter: trong hook us there -- trong hook us through the vallejo home and showedded us where they went through. >> they fired one shot while my mom was sleeping. >> reporter: truong was at home but his brother, mother and 22- year-old sister were all shot by the innovators. >> they were all carrying guns the intention was the kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want no witnesses. >> reporter: it was about 3:40 this morning when the men broke into the home on the corner of sloat and mcdoogal. his brother was shot in the face, the most seriously injured. >> my mother talks, she screams a lot in pain. but i'm worried about my brother. because the doctors say he's going to be there for a while.
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>> there's nothing to indicate this was specifically targeted. there's no indications of that so we're treating this as a random act. >> our family is a hard working family. every one in our family works every single day. i don't know why they picked our family. >> reporter: with a footprint still in the door way where it was kicked in. truong tells us he and his families want to move out of the area because it is simply too dangerous. john sasaki. a major winter storm is taking aim at the northeast and officials are telling people stay home. road crews are loading the sand on to trucks. southern new england could get a couple of inches or more. that storm is already having a snowball effect around the country. at least 1,400 flights have been cancelled ahead of that storm. at san francisco international airport 29 flights were cancelled for tomorrow. the airports most affected are
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new york, newark, boston and philadelphia. airlines are also waving fees to change flights. and there's scattered showers out there right now. the main system went through this morning. but this is what's left of it. these are stronger dynamics. we have showers, as we head on over here in the south bay toward alvisa you have scattered showers. then we back it out toward san somewhere -- san jose and you see more showers lingering. we're going to see stronger waves move on shore. when we come back we will track those. we will also run this model so you know what toen anticipate. -- what to anticipate. also the five day and weekend. >> investigators say there was
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some sort of explosion on a 30- foot sailboat docked in the marina. a man on board jumped into the bay to escape the flames. he was taken to the hospital with burns on his body. he inspired 49er fans to get tattoos of their own. see colin kaepernick's latest ink. and who we caught up with today on the
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take a step forward and chase what matters. new at 10:00, police in san pablo are asking for help as they look for several armed robbers who might be getting more violent. a robbery last night is the second of two recent robberies. this is surveillance video
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obtained by ktvu. you can see one man taking cash and cigarettes. police say a second man with a gun ordered an employee and customer on the floor and then shot each of them in the leg. the other incident took place on january 27th: the gunman ordered an employee to the floor while the other two stole cigarettes and money. no one was hurt in this incident. police say the mo is similar and in both robberies the stolen cigarettes were newport's. the bay area's toll authority has released their budget to mark the opening of the new eastern span of the bay. the agency plans to spend 5-1/2 million dollars to pay for allowing the public to walk a across the new bridge. the money will go toward shuttle buses, barricades and private security. the plan is to allow 300,000 people to walk from oakland to san francisco. private funding will pay for other planned events including
11:56 pm
a fireworks show. the pebble beach program teed off today on the monterey peninsula. the famous tournament attracting actor bill murray to former secretary of state condoleezza rice. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice made her at&t debut today at pebble beach. she's just one of two females in this year's tournament. >> somebody asked me how did it compare to diplomacy. i said i know diplomacy. >> i don't think you can relax much being secretary of state. >> reporter: as murray plays volunteer marshall at monterey peninsula today. >> you. >> reporter: chico native aaron rogers blames his golf game on his main job. quarterbacking the green bay
11:57 pm
packers. >> full disclosure, what's your handicap. >> right now it probably has to be about 15. there's only going to be six pops out here. i'm glad to be out here. it's always great to be asked back. i'm glad to be here. >> what did you think about the super bowl? >> it was a great game. ravens had that magical season. so the goal line fan and it was good again. >> condoleezza rice says she started the first round a little nervous but quickly found her zone. she hopes for the same tomorrow. colin kaepernick is baring his chest for the cameras. kaepernick unveiled his latest tattoo via instagram. it was done by orly loquiao. he is also posting a photo showing the work in progress.
11:58 pm
he says the art represents family, inner work and humility. the proposal already winning the support of south bay leaders. >> a quarter mile, could trap around 130, 135. >> reporter: drifting, drag races and donuts all
11:59 pm
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in contra costa county a suspected identity thief is behind bars accused of stealing documents from mailboxes. police arrested a man who they say stole more than 40 w2 tax forms. one of the victims lives in walnut creek and says police notified her about the theft last night. >> they found it when they
12:01 am
arrested him for a different crime. they were searching his belongings and it was 40 plus w- 2s. >> the arrests comes as the irs announced a sting to find w-2 thieves. some include san francisco, san jose, novato and san pablo. police say this picture was taken after the burglar left a home with stolen property. they say it happened last saturday not far from lake shore avenue. if you drive you've likely felt the sting of skyrocketing gas prices. statewide the price is just over $4. a month ago a gallon of gas cost $3.61. a year ago drivers were paying
12:02 am
$3.78 to fill up their gas tank. general motors today unveiled its first diesel powered car in the united states since 1986. the diesel model of the chevy cruze compact sedan will go on sale this summer. it engine will come from germany. the car is expected to get 42 miles a gallon on the highway and cost about $26,000. lane splitting by motorcycles here in california are legal. but now the highway patrol is issuing rules for the practice. lane splitting involves a motorcyclists passing vehicles by driving between them riding that white lines. it makes some drivers nervous to know that some motorcyclists say they like it. >> we're in traffic and he comes zooming past us like 80
12:03 am
miles per hour. now to our special report, street racing, looks good in movies where no one gets hurt but as every day cars become more and more powerful, amateurs are looking for places to race. as tara moriarty tells us they're also making their own movies and police are trying to stop them. >> reporter: risky. >> i can trap around 130, 135 on a quarter mile. >> reporter: dangerous and illegal. but it's what this drag car racer lives for. >> i just want to be the fastest out there. >> reporter: he spoke to us under the condition of anonymity. >> i'm bringing my car out once or twice a week if anything. >> reporter: these are some of the dozens of videos posted online where amateur street races openly roar down public roads. this isn't like the olden days
12:04 am
when kids revved up their dad's olsmobiles. these are expensive, extensively modified race cars made to go over 100 miles per hour in the middle of rain just off the main freeway. these videos are largely shot on two major streets at or around the port of oakland. maritime is a popular place. as we were downloading these videos for these stories. one of the drag racers posted this on the website. >> stop posting the license plates bra, ktvu channel 2 news is catching on. >> reporter: they said it's a problem for the oakland police department. >> we brought officer watson to
12:05 am
one of the racing hot spots. >> we think it's increased it is coming back. >> reporter: watson says the port has security cameras and officials there are supposed to report street racing. since last fall police have only issued one citation. >> people can if not be injured be killed. >> we are pulling a lot of components together to address this problem. and reduce it. >> reporter: some of those components will likely include speed bumps or rumble strips that make speeding noisy and uncomfortable. but for this racer it won't matter. >> if they shut down. there's plenty of other places. >> reporter: in oakland, tara moriarty. >> if you have an idea for a ktvu special report e-mail us. sent your tip to us at ireports at the airport is considering
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building a special airport for google executives. the airport's aviation director has recommended the city accept a bid by a british company to handle the facility to handle private jets. it could generate $300 million a year in rent, fuel fees and taxes. the project would also create hundreds of jobs. fireplaces under fire. at 10:45, we ride along as air quality monitors look for signs of smoke and which areas have the highest violations. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking storms and he is coming back to tell us where the mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out.
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caltrans says a thorough review of test data shows california bridges and overpasses are safe. the sacramento bee first raised questions. some tests results were falsified that led caltrans to review thousands of bridges and overcrossings around the state. the state transportation agency now says it has reviewed the data and is satisfied that all the foundations meet requirements. the federal aviation administration is allowing boeing 787 dream liners to return to the skies as the company runs test flights to assess battery problems. the first test flight of a 787 was allowed today to washington state. officials allowed permission. future test flights are limited to air space over unpopulated areas with no passengers on board. the president's nominee to be director of the cia answered questions today during his
12:10 am
confirmation hearing during the senate intelligence commission. john brennan allowed drone attacks. >> at the start of the hearing, code pink protesters interrupted brennan's opening statement. then feinstein ordered the room cleared. decoded from a cia spy drone. the video shows a city said to be afghanistan. this appears to be an attempt to embarrass the u.s. american officials have confirmed iran had captured a drone and asked for it back. iran refused. president putin toured the sight of next year's winter olympic games and he is not
12:11 am
pleased. putin said he wanted a senior executive of the winter olympics fired. and in china, 1,500 firefighters are finally getting the upper hand against a wildfire that's been burning for a day and a half. the flames threatened gas and electrical fire stations. officials say a sanitation worker started the fire by burning waste and has now been arrested. a kindergartner and his grandmother's idea has come to fruition. he asked his grandmother is there another famous african american besides martin luther
12:12 am
king. >> it really took me by surprise for him to say that because he was only in kindergarten at the time. i said there's so many people that even dr. king admired. >> carolyn hoskins said she began her collection knowing that so many african americans had contributed to the world. by the way, she's the wife of nfl player hoskins. the home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and it was owned by the late tahoe casino executive william ledbetter. tahoe's high real estate market has been picking up and is now actively rebounding. the federal reserved hacked. who did it, the information they took and the central
12:13 am
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only on 2, a first this winter. fines for spare the air violators. deborah villalon is live after riding with an air quality monitor. >> reporter: about 200 people fined so far this season. we're in marin because this is one of the hot spots for complaints and inspections. >> let's go back and see how intention their smoke is. >> reporter: she waits and watches evaluating a stove pipe for how much it's polluting.
12:16 am
>> sometimes just when they stoke it you get a heavy smoke. >> reporter: inspectors look for smoke in the area. the denser plumes are violations drawing $100 fines. >> our goal really is to educate people about the health impacts of wood smoke and to reduce that wood burning and we are seeing progress. >> we do not knock on doors as part of our wood smoke patrolling. >> reporter: inspectors don't announce themselves they document what they see with photos and notes. >> i may stay and observe this one and take some readings. >> offenders get a notice in the mail. and on a second violation, a fine. only households with no other source of heat are exempt. this fairfax resident fond of her cozy wood stove says she
12:17 am
supports spare the air days. >> i turned on a fire once and i checked it and found out it was once, and i put it out. here's a smoke shrouded mount calliapaya when there were three burn days. before anyone has to pay a fine they are offered a free smoke education class. but more than 7,000 residents suffer from a respiratory problem made worse by wood smoke, deborah villalon ktvu news. and more information, here are the top three violations. sonoma county has 108
12:18 am
violations, contra costa had 57 violations. growing pot outdoors may soon be illegal in concord but it may be illegal indoors. the city council has indicated it would support such a ban. one medical marijuana advocate said the ban was un-american. a march and candlelight vigil in san francisco mark the start of national black hiv aids awareness day. the event was created back in 1999 to join african american communities across the country to encourage testing and treatment. there has been a lot of progress in the past 30 years but african americans still face tremendous health disparities and are disproportionately impacted by the disease. live storm tracker 2 to track showers pushing through the area. some are a little moderate. even heavy in some places. we will take a closer look.
12:19 am
you have some scattered showers. this stuff is kind of moderate in here. it's windshield wipers going moderate in the half way setting. down toward the morgan hill area. you have a little heavier rainfall. you see what happens here, the showers kind of move out by tomorrow morning. so these lingering showers tonight are on their way out. now there'll be showers offshore. there'll be some activity in the eastern part of the bay area. this is tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and look what happens right here. at 10:00 a.m., some slides to the livermore valley. a few stray showers. gets a long shot. most places will be kind of drying out by 10:00 tomorrow morning. then we have a nice day. it'll be a little breezy out there and kind of cool. that cool air is going to be in place. so by friday evening it's clear. overnight lows in the low 30s, mid-30s. so chilly but a lot colder as we get saturday morning and sunday morning. this low pressure is going off. that's why we're getting the showers now.
12:20 am
this is the last bit of remnant sliding through tonight. snow levels are low. i wouldn't be surprised to see snow up in the santa cruz mountains. that system slides off cool and breezy tomorrow and a chance for tomorrow morning. it's your friday and the weather looks pretty good. it's just not going to be very warm. so take jackets with you. we show the low going off. it's going to be here saturday morning, sunday morning and monday morning and we're going to see temperatures going below freezing. it has an impact on your overnight lows as well. last couple of days we've been doing temperatures in the low 60s. not today. not tomorrow. temperatures will be down into the 50s and even low 50s in places like livermore and pleasanton. here's the deal. the storm door cracked open to squeeze this .2 of an inch. after that we go dry again for a while. they're going dry past the
12:21 am
14th. past valentine's day. so, it doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. but you know, it would be nice if we had a couple of these things going on. we got a little bit of rain. didn't do much for the rain percentages of average but enough to slicken the roads. >> thank you, bill. a hack on the federal reserve is raising concerns about the central banks safety. the federal reserve is confirming the attack by the hacker group anonymous on super bowl sunday. information from 4,000 bank executives were stolen and posted on the internet. the federal reserve said that no there is no mass-produced human.
12:22 am
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12:25 am
crab. >> the crosby clam bake. whatever it is. sometimes the event remind you that bill murray movie ground hog day. every year is kind of the same. even the same celebrities show up. topping the list is murray himself. sporting his captain kangaroo look. and last year's winner phil mickelson putted for third. and kevin stadley you might remember his dad craig stadler. as a matter of fact he has the feistiness like his dad craig stadler throwing that putter at his caddy. and sharing the lead both at 666. nice approach from may an. he will two put from there for birdie. one down and three to go at the at&t. man if i told you st. mary's and college basketball their third leading score of all time would play this entire
12:26 am
game tonight, and not score a single basket probably wouldn't like their chances against santa clara. the chance is they breezed to victory against the broncos despite matthew belavadova. the block there nine assists there, plenty to dale page. and the gails rip it open. gladesca 24 off the bench. they are 9-1 in conference. you might say good only in glimpses this week for cal and that is not good enough for the bears. especially against some of the upper end teams in the conference. cute or what. looking good. and asu up by as many as 13. give them credit, the bears do
12:27 am
battle back. justin cob with just 22.9 second left. to clutch three and they're down three however with 14 kicks left and they look to get a three point shot. but no, alan crab will wind up driving to the hoop for some reason. loses the handle along the way. they had a free throw to asu. montgomery not happy. it doesn't pay to be number one. the top dog has lost, indiana falls tonight. tyler griffey slashing to the hoop takes the pass and bethlehem breaks out there. the number one team in the land goes down. that is the sporting life for a sporting life. >> looks like it there. >> thanks, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. >> the morning news starts at 4:30. they'll be working with our partners in southern california
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